Sustainable healthcare solutions are what Michigan, and our country need, to solve our health care challenges in ways that will endure.  The fixes found in the ACA (“Obamacare”) are very short-sighted, wasteful, and will fail with time.  Michigan deserves solutions that work longer than an election cycle, solutions that work & adapt for all Michiganders, solutions that take power away from politicians and give it back to the patients and physicians. 

Sustainable healthcare is healthcare that is robust and endures. It is efficient and conserving, with little waste of money or other resources. In order to accomplish these laudable goals, sustainable healthcare necessarily places the consumer/patient/recipient of care in ultimate control of where they spend their health care dollars. Specifically this means no (or little) 3rd-party intermediary interference.

Equally important, sustainable healthcare is transparent, allowing patients the ability to knowledgeably shop for and efficiently obtain care. Sustainable healthcare strives to create a real health care marketplace where individuals can shop for care based on price, quality and convenience and where doctors and all health care entities truly compete for business.

Sustainable healthcare displaces the costly intermediaries, leverages cost-conscious behavior on the part of the consumer and creates price competition in an industry that sorely needs all of those things.

Cornerstones of Sustainable Care: Transparency, efficiency, competition, quality care for the indigent, individual ownership of health insurance policies with a focus on health savings accounts with catastrophic health insurance.


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